This tumblr is dedicated to the relationship of mikaela leigh keyser and jake henry pratt. they have been together for a whole year. and they are sooo cute. they are also a couple of the strongest people that i know because they maintain steady long distance relationship. here we will post important updates and news about their relationship :)please follow.



just want to send a (late) shout out to jake…happy birthday!!!! hope that you and mikaela will get to spend lots of birthdays after this together <3 love you guys

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you should make one just a simple one just like they just love each other, there faithful even if they are long distance, or like just something simple and cute.

thats a totally good idea :) well see what we can do :)


who and where are we?

to all of you who are wondering there is not just one person blogging…theres 3….and were not all in one state..were in three…we’re in new york nebraska and arizona :) but as to who we are ;) thats a mystery :)


You may wonder why we made this page…well its obvious. we love true love and jake and mikaela are a pure symbol of that. they love each other unconditionally and with all there hearts. no matter how many fights or disagreements they have at the end of the day the last words they say to each other is “i love you” and the people who say “teens dont know love” and “there to young to be in love” and “its just puppy love, it’ll never last” well there dead wrong! mikaela and jake are always going to be together there love is unbreakable. the’re like gravity….you cant stop it without going out of this universe…and that is why we made this page to give hope to the teens that are told that there love is impossable….because mikaela and jake prove that its not <3

~forever and always~


we want our identities to stay a secret, because this page is for jake and mikaela. but we&#8217;ll give you this. :)

J&amp;M F.P

we want our identities to stay a secret, because this page is for jake and mikaela. but we’ll give you this. :)



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at jamnesty??


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omg i really wanna know who u guys are lol its drivin me nuts



if you have any suggestions for cute things that jake and mikaela do, leave them in the submit or ask box!! we have plenty, but we’d love to see what other people think :D

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